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The island of Tanna in Vanuatu

This is Vanuatu at it's best. On this remote island in the southern part of Vanuatu you will discover a fascinating culture, amazing mountain scenery, an active volcano, hot springs, waterfalls and more.

Just about everyone who visits Tanna says it was the highlight of their vacation - either because they were enthralled by the people or captivated by the power of the volcano. Both experiences are unique to Tanna and truly unforgettable.

Planning your Tanna Adventure

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You can't get to Tanna directly unless you sail to Vanuatu on a yacht. Tanna is a port of entry into Vanuatu but all international flights go to Port Vila, on the island of Efate or Luganville on the island of Espiritu Santo. So you need to fly to Port Vila, stay one night, then fly to Tanna the next day - and fly back at least a day before you plan to return home.

The airport on Tanna is at White Grass - on the western side of the island. Many of the Tanna resorts and bungalows are clustered near the airport.

The Yasur Volcano is located on the south eastern part of the island and the excursion to visit the volcano takes at least two hours each way (depending on the condition of the roads). You really must allow for a minimum of three days in Tanna so you have the best chance to see the volcano with good weather conditions.